4 Ways Managers Can Support Women’s Leadership Development

“The zeitgeist is changing,” Sallie Krawcheck wrote last November, “from women working to be successful individually to working to be successful together.” Recent research on the gender leadership gap confirms the benefits of women supporting women. Both male and female survey respondents were more likely to perceive that they had access into informal leadership development […]


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Richer parents more likely to use ‘connections’ to avoid social worker

Richer parents are more likely to use their “powerful social connections” to avoid interventions by social services, a report into child neglect in affluent families has found. The study, which was commissioned by The City of London, discovered that socially privileged parents often had a “sense of entitlement” which “brought a greater confidence to challenge […]

How looking at the big picture can help you make better choices

NEW YORK: Distancing yourself from a decision may help you make the choice that produces the most benefit for you and others affected, suggests new research. It holds that one key to maximising benefits for everyone is realising that occasionally the best decision will benefit you the most. “The most efficient decision is the one […]

HDFC Bank raises fixed deposit rates by up to 0.6%

The revised rate of interest is effective from Monday, as per the information posted on HDFC Bank website. Days after Reserve Bank of India hiked the benchmark, repo rate, HDFC Bank on Monday increased fixed deposit rates on various maturities by up to 0.6 per cent. The revised rate of interest is effective from Monday, […]

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